Fiona Gannon

Fiona Gannon

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Fiona Gannon

BSc(Hons)HM, PgCert Counselling, MSc Imm. & GH, MNIMH

Medical Herbalist & Nutrition at Gannon Herbal Practice

BSc(Hons)HM, PgCert Counselling, MSc Imm. & GH, MNIMH
I qualified as a Medical Herbalist from Napier University, Edinburgh in 2007.  In 2009, I completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Counselling Studies from Edinburgh University and attained a Masters in Immunology and Global Health from NUI Maynooth in 2014. I am still very active studying in various health related fields such as Aromatherapy and Nutrition.
I specialise in Chronic illnesses, Fertility, Hormone Issues, Emotional and Mental health as well as Pain, Inflammation, Immune problems and Nutrition.  I deal with various health issues also.
My passion is to help people improve their physical, emotional and mental health as well as achieve their personal goals by being enabled to take control.
I provide a full spectrum, holistic, scientific evidence-based approach to my patients health problems in line with functional medicine.   Drawing on my extensive knowledge and experience, I provide in-depth insights into underlying health problems, in other words, the root cause of the matter, in a friendly and relaxed way.

My background, prior to working in this field of Functional and Natural Medicine, is working within universities and private businesses.  Studying concomitantly to working within a fast-paced corporation has given me a unique perspective on how high-stress environments, and trying to juggle everything else, can have such an impact on health and mental well-being as well how the work and personal life balance can undergo challenges.  It has helped me understand what it takes to bring about positive changes, whether it be for health reasons or to live a more authentic life.

Professional Membership
I am a full member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH), and comply with their strict codes of ethics and conduct.  To find out more about NIMH, please visit

Fiona Gannon


Phone: 0871449735

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I couldn’t recommend Fiona highly enough to all my friends and acquaintances for little ones!

F MacKenzie

Navan, Ireland

Fiona offered great support and advice throughout and the aftercare is second to none.
N Lyons

Lucan, Ireland

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