Hazel Branagan

Hazel Branagan

Ayurvedic Therapies

Hazel Branagan

Ayurvedic Treatments in Dublin

Ayurvedic Head Massage

This is an ancient form of head, neck and shoulder massage which has a profound effect on the whole body. We have 10 gateways into the body, eight of which are above the neck therefore the head is a crucial part to be massaged. Using Ayurvedic hair oils for your body type and the ancient gift of marma therapy, it is an excellent therapy for relieving stress and calming the nervous system. Oil combined with massage strengthens and nourishes the hair.
The Ayurvedic oils used have properties to cool the brain, enhance eyesight and calm the mind. Head massage also increases oxygen supply to the brain along with the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid, increasing the level of life energy. It is also an excellent natural way for the relief of migraines.


Ayurvedic Face Treatment

Many of us use various face creams to enhance beauty and youthfulness without realizing that massage can do wonders and in a very natural way. A gentle face and neck massage with Ayurvedic massage creams increases circulation and nourishes and soothes the skin. A hot towel treatment allows for the release of toxins and a deeper cleanse. The 100% natural face packs used, are formulated according to the ancient ways of Ayurveda to enhance the natural glow of the skin and to reduce the effect of wrinkles.


Ayurvedic Full Body Massage

With all the benefits of the Abhyanga, this is a deeper muscular massage. The therapist works more specifically on areas relaxing the muscles on a deeper level.
Benefits include:

  • Improving circulation in the body. Ayurvedic oil massage can help re-establish proper circulation and nervous system activity.
  • Providing a purifying and cleansing influence to the physiology.
  • Prevents the skin from becoming dry and helps maintain its youthfulness.
  • Classic symptoms of Vata imbalance are fatigue and lack of mental clarity. When the entire body has absorbed Ayurvedic oil and herbs these symptoms are reduced and there is greater balance, strength and stability.
  • Helps confer strength and immunity.
Opening Hours

We are open by appointment only
Monday – Friday  10am – 9.30pm and
Saturday 10am – 6.30pm.

Phone: 01 4969885 or 087 2733098


The Samadhi Centre,
49 Highfield Road, Rathgar,
Dublin 6, Ireland.

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I had the best massage in my life! Highly recommend this place! Love it!
Carla Carreto



Highly recommend this centre for yoga, massage or auryvedic consultations.

Christina Breen



Highly recommend the Samadhi Centre.

John Walsh


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