Niamh O’ Brien – BA; Dip. Acupuncture; Dip. Naturopathy; Di-electric Resonance Therapist

Niamh O’ Brien is a qualified Acupuncturist and Naturopath.  She graduated from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2006 and has been practicing for over ten years in the field of complementary medicine.

She added Dielectric Resonance Therapy to her clinic in 2008 in order to provide maximum healing benefits to her clients.  Di-electric resonance therapy combines natural healing frequencies with colour, light and gem stones, influencing the vibration rates of the body’s cells, organs and glands.  Traditional Chinese Medicine recognises the Spleen energy as very important and Di-electric Resonance Therapy focuses especially on optimising the function of this organ, thus supporting Acupuncture Dublin perfectly.

Niamh has worked with many couples over the years in the area of fertility.   While there are many factors affecting the birth rate in Ireland there are also many things that a couple can do in order to enhance their fertility chances.

Niamh supports & boosts the inner vitality of men and women who wish to have children.  By bringing the body and mind into balance, optimum health can be obtained by suitable protocols tailored to each individual, providing natural ways to conceive or indeed to maximize the chances of IVF treatment.

Niamh believes strongly in the intelligence of the body – if a healing environment can be created within the body, the necessary healing can take place.  Our bodies can knit a bone; absorb an ulcer; heal a wound and even create a baby from just two cells.   With this in mind, one to one consultations and treatments with Niamh are offered in relaxed, comfortable surroundings with a soothing atmosphere conducive to the healing process.