Ideally Maharishi Ayurveda begins with a Personal Health Evaluation from a qualified practitioner. This takes about 60 minutes, and enables the practitioner to assess your health requirements. The practitioner will give personal advice on a range of methods for improving your health and on natural measures to rectify any underlying imbalances that are identified.

These may include:

  • Diet – it is very important to eat food that is right for you, producing balance and comfort
  • Daily routine – minor changes can sometimes greatly improve your well- being
  • Life-style – learn what can strengthen your health and what to avoid
  • Food supplements – supplement the body’s intelligence with the intelligence of nature encapsulated in sophisticated traditional herbal/mineral formulae.
  • Natural Therapies – including the luxurious Panchakarma revitalization therapy.


A Maharishi Ayurveda consultation offers you the chance to learn more about the nature of your mind/body and how to promote good health and prevent disease. Consultations include pulse diagnosis to determine specific imbalances, recommendations for diet, digestion, herbal food supplements, exercise, daily and seasonal routines and general guidelines for good health based on your individual physiology.

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