Lighthouse is a tower that spreads a beam of light to guide the sailors safely to their destination. Soul Lighthouse was created to help us to realise that we all have that inner navigation system inside ourselves and we can safely reach our destination if we follow our inner light. It is one-man (or rather one-woman:) company which was created to support everyone on their journey of re-discovering their inner light and becoming like a lighthouses in the world we live in. It’s idea was inspired by the efforts of many people who contributed to the world’s beauty by giving their time, energy and light:)! to do good for others. It is my true desire to share whatever I know and whatever skills I have to assist others on their journey. Through yoga classes and holistic treatments I aim to give everyone a chance to slow down, find their inner light and SHINE!:)

*Yoga for all age groups *Reflexology *AromaTouch Therapy *Indian Head Massage *Pregnancy Massage


Our Address:

Dublin, Ireland